Apple stops accepting debit and credit cards for subscriptions, app purchases in India

Apple users have taken to Twitter to complain about the exclusion of credit and debit card options from the payment methods Apple accepts for purchases using the payment methods in India. Apple ID. Users who already have the card added as a payment method to their accounts are also not able to make any new payments through the Apple ID.

Apple stops accepting credit/debit card payments

When users are trying to add payment or pay via card, Apple is throwing an error message saying “This card type is no longer supported.”

of apple support page Which lists the payment methods available in each country shows that the Cupertino giant supports only net banking, UPI and Apple ID balance as the three options for receiving payments. Apparently, the change happened in April according to the support page.

“Regulatory requirements in India apply to the processing of recurring transactions. If you have an Indian debit or credit card and you have a subscription, these changes affect your transactions. Some transactions may be declined by banks and card issuers can be done,” said the support page in an update. The change is also pushing the iPhone maker to accept transactions through UPI and net banking.

For those unaware, the new rule requires merchants like Apple to set up e-mandate for customer cards. On the other hand, customers also need to use two-factor authentication and set up a new e-mandate for recurring payments. Customers need to give their consent every time they make a payment above Rs 5,000. The system processing is yet to be updated to a large extent with the given requirements.

Apart from Apple, Google was also affected due to RBI’s update. Customers are facing difficulties in making frequent payments and purchases through their cards Google Play And youtube. Netflix introduced UPI Autopay support for recurring payments on its platform.

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