BGMI Apk Download: How To Download Restricted BGMI On Android Mobile Phones

BGMI Apk Download: In a sudden turn of events, the highly popular battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was banned in India on July 28. Reports suggest that it was the Indian government’s order to block Public Access to BGMI Under section 69A of the Indian IT Act in the interest of national security. title since taken down From the Android and iOS app marketplaces Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. This means that new users cannot download BGMI to their devices. However, there is a solution for Android mobile phones. They can not only download the game on their device but also play it:

Is BGMI still playable after the ban?

BGMI Apk Download
BGMI Apk Download

Yes, despite the ban and removal from Google Play Store and App Store, BGMI is available to play as long as you have the game installed on your smartphone. This is simply because the BGMI servers are still up and running in the country, and players can jump on the game and play battle royale online. This will continue until a full ban notice is issued to the game developers.

How to download BGMI on android mobile phone

Despite BGMI being banned and removed from the Play Store, you can still install and enjoy the game by downloading the APK of the app from the internet.

BGMI Apk Download

What is BGMI APK?

The BGMI APK is a file just like any other APK (Android Application Package) on the Android OS that contains a series of assets and code required for the app to run. This is the main aspect that makes an Android app that allows you to run applications by installing them on your Android mobile phone. For BGMI, since the game is no longer available on the Play Store, APK is the medium through which you can install the app and play matches as long as the servers are active.

Is it safe/legal to download BGMI via APK file?

Although BGMI has been removed from the respective app stores, people who installed the game before the ban can still play it. This means that the Indian servers are active and will continue to do so until further notice is passed by a higher authority to completely unplug the servers. As for the safety of downloading BGMI via APK file, it totally depends on the website from which you are downloading. Make sure that it is not a suspicious website that can lead to the installation of malware in your Android mobile phone. That said, download the APK at your own risk as your phone may not scan the file for any unwanted threats like the ‘Play Protect’ system found on the Play Store during app installation.

How to install BGMI Apk on your mobile phone

BGMI APK download is only available for Android mobile phone users. So if you are one of them, here is how to install BGMI APK on your device:

BGMI Apk Download
  • On your Android mobile, go ahead and open a browser like Chrome and search for “bgmi apk download”. Alternatively, you can visit Website For direct download link.
  • Next, tap on Bus download button And the apk will start downloading.
  • Meanwhile, you will need to enable the ‘Unknown sources installation’ option from ‘Settings’ to be able to install the APK
  • Once the download is complete, tap on the APK file and hit ‘Install’.
  • The app will start to install and soon the BGMI will be installed on your Android phone
  • Open the game and sign in as an existing player or play as a Guest account to download additional in-game resources.

Questions to ask

What are the system requirements for BGMI APK?

  • Android phone running Android 5.1.1 or above
  • At least 2GB RAM (3GB recommended for smooth gaming experience)

How to download BGMI on iPhone?

There is no BGMI APK workaround available for iPhone users. What they can do, however, is ask someone who already has the game on their device to share their Apple ID and Password -> Login to your phone -> Open App Store -> Purchase Go to Items -> Download more games. However, this is not something Apple would like and sharing Apple IDs would make sense You will need to let his device sync with your iTunes library and give him access to your account every time he needs to update installed apps this way.

BGMI ban news

BGMI can still be played on some devices (5 August)

Despite reports suggesting otherwise, it looks like BGMI is still playable in India. I was able to load and play the game on my device without any server related issues.

BGMI is no longer available to play in India (2nd August)

BGMI has stopped working in India. The game is no longer playable on devices in the country where it is already available. It seems that the company has shut down its servers following the BGMI ban in the country.

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