How to get cryogenics caustic skin, Zero Weapon skin down, and more

How to get cryogenics caustic skin: Respawn has introduced new legend skins, weapon skins and other cosmetics to Apex Legends Mobile this season that can be earned for free. The Apex Legends Mobile Seasonal Store features a variety of cosmetics that you can only get by playing the game. This season you can get skins for Caustic, Loba, Lifeline, and Gibraltar, as well as Trackers, Charms, and more. Apex Legends Mobile’s Seasonal Store is a great way to get new skins, charms, and other cosmetics for free. Here’s how you can get free cosmetics in Apex Legends Mobile:

Apex Legends Mobile Seasonal Store Items

How to get cryogenics caustic skin

All Apex Legends Mobile Seasonal Store items and their prices are listed below:

  • Den Mother Frame – 7,000 diamonds
  • Cryogenics Caustic Skin – 10,000 diamonds
  • Void Weapon Under the Skin – 9,000 diamonds
  • Ice Chest Weapon Skin – 9,000 diamonds
  • Joy Ride Pose – 4,000 diamonds
  • Loot Loa Tracker Seen Through Walls – 2,000 diamonds
  • Arctic Wolf Hollow Spray – 3,000 diamonds
  • Valuable Avatar Frame – 3,000 diamonds
  • Meter Teleported Loba Tracker – 2,000 diamonds
  • Loot by Squadmate Loba Tracker – 2,000 diamonds
  • Loba Tracker Won – 2,000 Diamonds
  • Code Blue Lifeline skin – 5,000 diamonds
  • Royal Chief Loba Skin – 5,000 diamonds
  • Troposphere Weapon Skin – 4,000 diamonds
  • Don’t Catch a Cold Frame – 2,000 Diamonds
  • Ice Diamond Charm – 1,000 diamonds
  • Deep Blue Gibraltar Skin – 2,000 diamonds
  • Frosted Forest Badge – 1,000 diamonds
  • Common Apex Pack – 2,000 Diamonds

How to get the free Cryogenics Caustic Skin, Below Zero Weapon Skin in Apex Legends Mobile

How to get cryogenics caustic skin

You can buy items from Apex Legends Mobile’s seasonal store by exchanging diamonds. Diamond can only be found in Brand new Winter Warfare Battle Royale mode, When the climatizer activates in Winter Warfare mode, you’ll be able to see diamond supply bins on your map. You can run to diamond supply bins in your area to loot diamonds.

Apart from these, you can get diamonds by defeating enemies in the Winter Warfare Battle Royale mode. Once you’ve collected enough diamonds, you can go to the seasonal store and buy Cryogenics Caustic Skin, Under Zero Weapon Skin, or any other cosmetics. Collecting diamonds can seem like a grind because some of the best items in the seasonal store cost over 5,000 diamonds and you’ll only get a few hundred diamonds in each match. Playing Winter Warfare with a team is recommended, so you can coordinate the locations of diamond supply bins as well as enemy squads to earn diamonds more efficiently.

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