How to get Time Travelers Weapon loot crates, Squad Spirit outfits, and more

How to get Time Travelers Weapon loot crates: Garena is rolling out a new program in Free Fire Max that will let you unlock legendary cosmetics for free just by playing the game. Although free fire is banned in india For several months now, Free Fire Max has been available in the country. Free Fire Max is currently running the C4 Exchange Store -1 event, which rewards you with cosmetics like weapon skins and outfits in exchange for C4 tokens. Here’s how you can unlock Legendary Cosmetics in Free Fire Max for free:

How to unlock Squad Spirit outfits, Time Travelers weapon loot crates in Free Fire Max

Unlocking new cosmetics in Free Fire Max is very easy, thanks to the C4 Exchange Store-1 event. You can access the C4 Exchange Store-1 event from the Events tab of Free Fire Max. You need to exchange the required amount of C4 Tokens to unlock the rewards. You can earn these tokens just by playing different modes in Free Fire Max. Here are the drop rates for C4 tokens in Free Fire Max:

  • Lone Wolf – 1 C4 token per match
  • Clash Squad, Battle Royale – 2 C4 tokens per match
  • Bomb Squad – 4 C4 tokens per match

Here are the details of C4 Token requirements and rewards for Free Fire Max:

How to get Time Travelers Weapon loot crates
  • Squad Spirit Outfit – 30 C4 tokens
  • Time Travelers Weapon Loot Crate – 10 C4 tokens
  • 1 Weapon Royal Voucher – 10 C4 Tokens
  • Random Loadout – 3 C4 Tokens

Free Fire Max will also get the C4 Exchange Store-2 event, which will have the same gameplay loop. Below are the prize and token requirements for the C4 Exchange Store-2 event:

  • Katana – Boo’s Day – 30 C4 tokens
  • Diamond Royal Voucher – 10 C4 Tokens

Once you have collected enough C4 Tokens by playing Battle Royale, Clash Squad, Lone Wolf and Bomb Squad modes in Free Fire Max, you can visit the C4 Exchange Store event tab to claim the rewards.

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